The phases of construction of the reed for bassoon are many, the most important are about 25, and from the moment you start the job until when you end, there are several steps that last for weeks. Our reeds are made with the best French cane, brass wire, polyester wire and waterbased paint. Early stages of construction of the reed are the most important, this is where you make its shape which becomes the basis of sound with his balance (between low and acute notes) and intonation. The final steps of the reed give the personality and the kind of sound that with our experience and technical skills you want to get, in our case a MREEDS’ reed must have the characteristics of well-defined and clear to be sold, even if only one of these steps it does not satisfy, the reed is eliminated without hesitation - Quality first -.  The soft reed must be easy to blowing, especially for a "pp" in the low notes and legato, it’s good for the 2nd bassoon in the orchestra or chamber music. The medium reed is the most balanced  with a dark and vibrant sound, a clear staccato and beautiful high notes, is suitable for all uses, from soloists parts, to the orchestra, chamber music, etc. The hard reed is a very hard work, a reed for a few who want to have a very beautiful, large, and solid  sound that must be managed with strength and good feeling.


Our Professional Bassoon Reeds are available in three different types:

- SOFT adapts for "pp" in low register, orchestral and chamber music.

Dark and fine sound

- MEDIUM the most popular and comfortable reed used for everything.

Dark and great sound

- HARD reed for a few people, accustomed to hard work. Dark, great and large sound

Our Blank Reeds are open and almost finished. Ready to the final work - the scrape.

They are available

in set of 3 or 10

Our Professional oboe Reeds use the French scrape, approximately 1 cm long, and come with the Chiarugi 2 (47mm) tube. The total length of the reed is approximately 72mm and the tuning is 442 Hz.

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