The Company

The Company

The Mreeds Company was born in the 2006 in Gazzaniga (Italy),

Giovanni Magni after a long partnership with his teacher and friend maestro Ovidio Danzi, wanted open his laboratory specialized in the construction of bassoon reeds with almost 20 years of experience and a lot of energy to spend in that new project, he started and in a little time the brand MREEDS became famous in all the world.

The most important thing for this company is the research and the hard work to offer always the best to the professional players.

Our strength is the passion, and the satisfaction of our job,

discover everyday new little things. Hold and play always new reeds

it's not a simple work, it's a mission.

Now MREEDS is located in Cyprus, because Giovanni Magni -the founder- is the Sub-Principal bassoon of the Cyprus Symphony Orchestra.


It’s my intention to remember and thank M. Ovidio Danzi, great teacher and even better friend, for

all the teachings that he gave me and especially

for his friendship.

Giovanni Magni

We inform you that all the documentation (texts,pictures, etc.)

are of the property of Mreeds Ltd. located in Cyprus